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Bento Director of Growth Marketing

“It's all about creating a more seamless ordering experience.”

Regina Grogan | Bento Director of Growth Marketing


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Bento is an Asian inspired healthy food delivery app that makes all its meals in house. Bento’s menu changes daily, so they send an email out to their users with their choices for each day. They noticed that engagement with these emails was low and searched for a way to increase purchases. They decided to place a Brunch link behind each email, allowing users to be deep linked directly to meaningful in-app content. As a result, they have seen average app sessions double.


  • Increase daily orders of meals
  • Drive users from daily emails to in-app content
  • Prompt users to spend more time in the app


  • Use Brunch links in daily menu email to deep link users to the same dish in app


  • Average sessions per user doubled
  • 65% uplift in sessions from email
  • Maintained Bento’s daily double-digit growth in orders

The Problem

“Normal” links lead to low engagement

Bento is a food delivery service that makes delicious meals in house daily and then distributes them to those who order them. Because their menu changes daily, they send an email out each morning to relay the day’s choices to their users.

Bento noticed that these emails were not generating the amount of traffic they were hoping for. When a user would click an item on the menu, they were taken to the app, but not to the content they were looking for. As a result, visitors wouldn’t always convert to customers. Bento was losing potential sales and users were not spending time in the app. They decided to make a change.

Email menus deep link to the day's offerings

The Solution

Deep linking users to the content they want

To solve this user engagment issue, Bento placed Brunch links behind each item on their menu email. When a user clicks on a picture of a dish, the link calls the Bento app to open. Brunch links also allow Bento to extend these links to include a tag that corresponds to a specific in-app page. By including this tag, Bento can take users directly to the dish they are most interested in. As a result, Bento’s email and app content is much more connected.

For a user, the flow is straightforward. They click a link promising content. They are taken directly to the content that they clicked on. If they need to download the app, they do so and see the content after install.


Each additional click increases the chance that users will get distracted and leave the app before making a purchase. With deep links, users need to make fewer clicks to buy a meal. By including deep links in their menu emails, Bento has increased engagement of their users, driving a 65% increase in app sessions from the email. Furthermore, by taking users directly to the content that they are most interested in, Bento completes more transactions, helping them increase the number of orders on the app. Brunch complements their beautifully designed, simple interface - maintaining Bento's double digit growth in orders received every day.

As their Director of Growth Marketing, Regina Grogan, explains, it’s all about “creating a more seamless ordering experience.”