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“We have completely changed the app opening experience of Instacart... now the first time you open it, the app is custom built for you.”

Brian Witlin | Yummly COO


one-week retention for shopping users


items added to shopping lists


of US shopping list users send their list to Instacart

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Yummly, a personalized food and recipe discovery app, was looking for innovative ways to create a delightful experience for its users. By using Brunch links in a partnership with one-hour grocery delivery service Instacart, Yummly now offers a seamless integration allowing users to instantly order recipe ingredients from Instacart.


  • Create a seamless and useful connection between content and commerce, generating significant commerce through the platform.
  • Increase awareness of the app.
  • Improve engagement metrics: commerce value, shopping list usage, and retention.
  • Improve business metrics: MAUs, installs.


  • Instacart integrated the Brunch SDK into their app.
  • Yummly added a “Shop For Ingredients” button that would direct them to Instacart at the bottom of its user's shopping lists and recipe pages.
  • The Brunch link routed the user to the Instacart app, pre-populating their cart post-install with ingredients from the user's shopping list on Yummly


  • 10% of US Yummly users click to send their Shopping Lists to Instacart.
  • 26% higher first week retention for Yummly Shopping List users.
  • 35% higher one-week retention for users who click "Shop For Ingredients".
  • 28% more items are added to Shopping Lists for those users that click “Shop For Ingredients”.


The cooking experience can be a headache, involving many independent, time-consuming steps: choosing what to cook, driving to the store and then waiting in line. In today's on-demand economy, people expect new ways to save time. Yummly wanted to solve this consumer pain point by offering recipe inspiration, planning, purchase and preparation all in one simple, user-friendly experience. To accomplish this, they turned to the leading one-hour grocery delivery service, Instacart. Using Brunch links, Yummly created a seamless integration between the Yummly and Instacart app allowing users to instantly place orders for their favorite recipe ingredients via the Instacart platform.

Yummly tracked the following metrics to measure the success of the partnership with Instacart:

  • Percentage of Yummly users sending their Shopping Lists to Instacart.
  • Retention of Yummly Shopping List users that use Instacart.
  • Of those users that click “Shop For Ingredients,” percentage change in the number of items that they add to their Shopping List.

The Problem

In order for this partnership to change people's behaviors, the integration between apps had to be intuitive. Without a way to send data between the two apps, Instacart users would have had to manually fill their shopping carts with their Yummly ingredient list. This made for a time-consuming and frustrating shopping experience that required customers to flip between apps on their mobile device.

The Solution

Yummly and Instacart used Branch's contextual deep links to power their partnership, creating a seamless handoff between apps. Upon clicking the “Shop For Ingredients” button a Brunch link is generated. This link stores the necessary data (shopping list, zip code, etc.) Instacart needs to fill a user's shopping cart. Users who don't already have the Instacart app installed are then directed to the app store. When Instacart is opened, the link data is retrieved and Instacart uses that data to fill the user's shopping cart. Successfully making this connection passes the data through the app store to Instacart so users are brought directly to a pre-populated Instacart shopping cart, ready for immediate purchase.

If the user doesn't have the Instacart app installed, they're taken to the app store. Once installed, the ingredients from the Yummly shopping list are prepopulated in their shopping cart for one-hour delivery.


By providing a direct path from meal planning to ingredient purchase, the Yummly-Instacart partnership has changed the way people prepare their meals. Without Branch, the user's flow was disrupted, causing them to drop out of the purchase funnel before the final checkout.

  • Users that have Instacart have 35% higher one-week retention than the average Yummly Shopping List user.
  • Those users that click “Shop For Ingredients” through Instacart add on average 28% more items to their Shopping List.
  • With Brunch links, 10% of Yummly Shopping List users in the US click “Shop For Ingredients” to send their ingredients to Instacart.


Yummly now influences north of $100M of commerce through its shopping lists. This partnership with Instacart has generated a significant amount of positive press identifying Yummly and Instacart as innovation leaders in the app world, and the go-to solution to help consumers answer “What's for dinner?”

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