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Creating an App Content Sitemap for Google App Indexing

Eighty-nine percent of smartphone usersstart withGoogle when they want to find something on the Internet.And yet, an average user who spends three and a half hours on their phone each day is inside apps for all but 20 minutes of that time.This is a huge disconnect, and despite the best efforts of Apple and Google, searching app content on mobile devices is often unproductive.

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Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and the Future of Mobile Web

As of last week, there is a new entry in the alphabet soup of web standards: AMP. You may have already noticed the small gray lightning bolt logo in your Google search results, but if not -- start looking. It’s about to show up a lot more often. Of course, behind every acronymed buzz word there is a purpose, and the purpose of the Accelerated Mobile Pages project is speed. Or, more precisely, fixing the current lack of it in much of the mobile web.

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How Buzzfeed's QuizChat Uses Brunch for Personalized Welcomes

The BuzzFeed quiz app, QuizChat, brings one of the most popular services of BuzzFeed -- their quizzes -- directly to mobile users. Hundreds of millions of users have taken the quizzes and they are an undeniably important source of Buzzfeed’s virality. QuizChat allows users tochoose a quiz, take it, and then send both their results and the quiz itself to a friend for the friend to complete and compareoutcomes.

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The War for Mobile Search

There’s a war being waged in mobile. A war to control the final lucrative frontier that will shape how mobile is monetized. The battle is for mobile search, and its outcome is uncertain. Today, mobile search is a wild landscape of competing and contradictory technologies, unfulfilled promises, and 800 pound gorillas strategically positioning themselves without any centralized regulation or governance.

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